Accessing a samba share

Discussion created by mkyffin on Apr 4, 2013

We're trying to publish 10.1 services on Windows 2008 machines using registered data on a samba share as described here under "If the publisher's machine and the server are working out of the same folder":

Or that's the idea, anyway, as we can't have data replicated on 3 machines (2xWindows 2008, 1xSuse with samba) due to the sheer amount of data involved - hence the share. We're so far unable to register folders on the share. How can we use a directory on a samba share as a Publisher *and* Server folder?

If this is the Publisher Folder Path: \\<server_name>\Data\arcgisdata (also mapped to Z:\arcgisdata, by the way), leaving "Same as publisher folder path" checked produces the error "Invalid folder location. Unable to access this location." We've been able to validate folders using various linux-style paths - but each time we're invited to copy the data to the server during publishing. This isn't possible as, in at least one case, the data are bigger than the server's HDD! What are we supposed to write in the Publisher Folder Path?

We can see the folder just fine when logging into the Windows server(s), even using the GIS server's account, but can't get ArcGIS for Server to access it.

Same goes for storing tile caches on the share - when trying to create a cache folder at \\<server_name>\Data\arcgiscache (or Z:\arcgiscache) we get "Cannot write to directory path...Please check that the location is valid and that the ArcGIS Server account has permissions to the location." This is helpful, but we have no idea *how to grant such permissions* if necessary.

Any ideas?

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