basemap not visible after initial load in IE9

Discussion created by JasonJFitzsimmons on Apr 4, 2013
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Hello..I think this question is related to either/or raw Javascript and JQuery..but I think it is also related to the ArcGIS Javascript API map class, so I'll ask it here..my problem is also an IE9 issue; the app works fine in Chrome and FF.

I have a web app where a map opens up in its own div on a map click.  After loading the app for the first time, the basmap opens as expected (at first the map is only the basemap with no other layers)...but when I close the map div, then open it again, the basemap appears for about 1 second, then vanishes...but the background color, and zoom button, remain...

the map is set up in HTML this way

      <div class="map-content">
     <div class="map-close" style="display: none;"><a href="#">Close</a></div><!--buttons--->
   <div class="map-fullscreen" style="display: none;"><a href="#">Fullscreen</a></div>
   <div style='width:100%;  height:100%'><object type="text/html" name ="mapPage" style='width:100%;         
                           height:100%' data='mapPage.html'>


In the init JS, the basemap is added as a TiledMapServiceLayer.

..there's not a lot more code to it! as I said, all this works normally in FF and Chrome.....

I have tried every IE tag or conditional in the HTML that I have come across, but none have solved this issue...
I have
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7,IE=9" />
in the header and
  <script type="text/javascript" src="JavaScript/modernizr-2.5.3.js"></script>

is in there as well....

I hope I explained this well...I seem to have constant IE issues....
Thanks for help, Jason
(*ps I am using Jquery Mobile as well..)