Change raster coordinate without resampling

Discussion created by jaq8386 on Apr 4, 2013
I have looked all through the help and online forums todays and I can't find an answer to this. What I am trying to do is take a raster in MrSid with an accompanying aux.xml and text file of linked points that was georeferenced in state plane and I want to create a aux.xml file that contains the transformation for UTM. Everything I found suggests resampling the MrSid into another format (since arc can't export MrSid files), but my end product needs to be MrSid. If resample to tiff and compress it back into MrSid, I can get a sid world file, but not an aux.xml file.

I'm not sure such a tool exist, but I could imagine one that would look at the state plane coordinate pairs in the text file, convert those to UTM, then "Update Georeferencing" to create the aux.xml file with the transformation in it.

Any suggestions please?

BTW is there a tool that will take a raster and link table text file and create the aux.xml file that can be automated with python? I can do this in ArcMap by adding the raster, opening the link table, loading the text file, then click "Updating Georeferencing", but I can't find a tool to do that.

Patrick J.