Bug in the SOAP API? GeocodeAddresses ignoring OutputSpatialReference

Discussion created by toiyabe on Apr 3, 2013
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Hello everyone,

I've read other threads here that talk about problems with setting the OutputSpatialReference as a property modification when using SOAP to call and ArcGIS Server (10.0) Geocoder Service.  The REST API totally works when specifying outSR=102100 (Web Mercator). The locator is WGS 84 by default by the way.

Here is the code I use to create the output spatial reference, I even go to the effort of using the Geometry service on the same ArcGIS Server to define the spatial reference, then, I transfer the properties of that spatial reference to the SR object defined by the Geocoding service:

// Create a new property set to modify the geocoder
geocodeMods = new PropertySet();

// Get the spatial ref. def from the Geometry Server
            var spatRef = this.GeometryServer.FindSRByWKID("EPSG", 102100, -1, true, true);
// Before I tried this by setting only the WKID and WKIDSpecified fields--that did not work.
// So to make sure I've not left anything out, I copy all possible attributes over!
            ESRI.ArcGIS.SOAP.SpatialReference outputSpatialReference = new ESRI.ArcGIS.SOAP.ProjectedCoordinateSystem()
                    HighPrecision = spatRef.HighPrecision,
                    HighPrecisionSpecified = spatRef.HighPrecisionSpecified,
                    LeftLongitude = spatRef.LeftLongitude,
                    LeftLongitudeSpecified = spatRef.LeftLongitudeSpecified,
                    MOrigin = spatRef.MOrigin,
                    MOriginSpecified = spatRef.MOriginSpecified,
                    MScale = spatRef.MScale,
                    MScaleSpecified = spatRef.MScaleSpecified,
                    MTolerance = spatRef.MTolerance,
                    MToleranceSpecified = spatRef.MToleranceSpecified,
                    VCSWKID = spatRef.VCSWKID,
                    VCSWKIDSpecified = spatRef.VCSWKIDSpecified,
                    WKID = spatRef.WKID,
                    WKIDSpecified = spatRef.WKIDSpecified,
                    WKT = spatRef.WKT,
                    XOrigin = spatRef.XOrigin,
                    XOriginSpecified = spatRef.XOriginSpecified,
                    XYScale = spatRef.XYScale,
                    XYScaleSpecified = spatRef.XYScaleSpecified,
                    XYTolerance = spatRef.XYTolerance,
                    XYToleranceSpecified = spatRef.XYToleranceSpecified,
                    YOrigin = spatRef.YOrigin,
                    YOriginSpecified = spatRef.YOriginSpecified,
                    ZOrigin = spatRef.ZOrigin,
                    ZOriginSpecified = spatRef.ZOriginSpecified,
                    ZScale = spatRef.ZScale,
                    ZScaleSpecified = spatRef.ZScaleSpecified,
                    ZTolerance = spatRef.ZTolerance,
                    ZToleranceSpecified = spatRef.ZToleranceSpecified

// Add the property to the PropertyArray
            List<PropertySetProperty> mods = new List<PropertySetProperty>();
            mods.Add(new PropertySetProperty()
                Key = "OutputSpatialReference",
                Value = outputSpatialReference
            geocodeMods.PropertyArray = mods.ToArray();

Next, I set the property modification when I do the geocoding:

RecordSet results = this.geocodeServerProxy.GeocodeAddresses(addressTable, geocodePropSet, geocodeMods);

I hope someone has run into this same problem and found a fix. One of the more promising threads seems to show that the programmer coded everything correctly, and it didn't work. Then, suddenly after a long while, it started working--without knowing why it started working.

One last thing, I'm checking the point that is being returned (PointN) in the SHAPE field. And it is indeed, lat/long coordinates, not at all in Web Mercator.

I'm starting to think there is a BUG in the SOAP Api?