Show Multiple Image Attachments in InfoWindow/Popup

Discussion created by HandsomePete on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by HandsomePete
I have a feature layer that has attached images.  How can you use a popup or InfoWindow to show one or more attachments.  Odoe had replied to an earlier thread on how to get a single image in an InfoWindow.  I thought about using the mediaInfo object in the popup template and creating an array of images.  This works perfectly when you have a link to the image src.  But I'd have to set the src up dynamically for each attachment for each record using the queryAttachmentInfos method.  Is it possible to dynamically create the mediaInfo and the popup template?

Alternatively, I was thinking about inserting a dojo image gallery into an InfoWindow.  Has anyone done that before?

I have a feeling this is a lot simpler that I'm making it out to be.