Can't use IApplication.LockCustomization... MSAccess locks ArcMap 10.0 at startup

Discussion created by wrig8701 on Apr 2, 2013
I built a customized .mxd that uses VBA code (in ArcMap 8x).  During the MxDocument OpenDocument event, I get a reference to the application and implement LockCustomization.

This worked in ArcMap 9x also.  But in 10.0 it's causing an error because 10.0 apparently references MS Access during start-up.  So I can't use my customization filter because there's already an active lock created by MS Access.

I know the error is caused by MSAccess because if I open the .mxd on a computer I've never been on before, the MS Access screen opens DURING THE ARCMAP START-UP and asks me to enter my name and initials (just like it would if I was opening MS Access for the first-time use).

Why is ArcMap 10.0 calling MSAccess during start-up, and how do I prevent MSAccess from causing a lock?

(Yes, I know VBA won't work in 10.2, but I'm in 10.0 .)