"Performing Analysis" Tools  (beta)

Discussion created by jrflannery on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by ninabean
I have a map in ArcGIS Online for Organizations that contains a map service from our ArcGIS for Server and contains a point shapefile "added" within the map.  The point shapefile is the same dataset located in the map service and it contains 812 points.  "Perform Analysis" tools are not an option with any data layers in the map service.  "Perform Analysis" tools are available for the shapefile layer, but seem to fail to complete the task.  I tried "Find Hot Spots" and "Create Buffers" with the point shapefile.  When I make a second attempt with "Find Hot Spots", I get a message that says "You already have a result with this name. Please rename your result and resubmit your analysis.", but I see no results in the map's table-of-contents or in the "My Content" folders.

Two Questions:

1) For what types of features are Perform Analysis tools available?  Features in an added shapefile, map service, hosted feature service?

2) Where do the results of an analysis get placed upon completion?