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TimeSlider connected to columns containing milliseconds instead of UTC Date

Question asked by ghostc on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by ghostc

I'm having problem using TimeSlider (ArcGIS online), which shows data according to date columns (type: esriFieldTypeDate , alias: DateFieldFrom , length: 8; type: esriFieldTypeDate , alias: DateFieldTill , length: 8).

I think, that the main problem is, that when I use query, the result for the Date columns is something like this:
It's obvious, that these are milliseconds.

I'm using this example:
I've just changed the rows with my relevant data: e.g. map service address, layerDefinition and so on.
I'm displaying data week by week.

Am I right, that the milliseconds data could by the cause, why the TimeSlider is not working ? I can run the TimeSlider, but nothing happens on the map. Yes, there should be changes within the time period that I'm running the TimeSlider.
The other suspicious thing is the date length. In case of UTC length 8 is probably not enough.
The last thing I can think off is, that the map service doesn't have TimeZone set to UTC. TimeZone is blank.

The last catch is, that I'm just using a map service created by someone else, I can't change the map service by myself. So I need to convince this person, that these milliseconds are not OK and that an UTC date format is needed.

Maybe there is some solution to work this using javascript, but I haven't found any. Help would be appreciated.

Thank you