to expedite the development supporting RPCs of Pleiades sensor 1A and 1B

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It seems that MD does not support the RPCs of the new sensor Pleiades 1A & 1B; and wondering if MD can support new sensor models quickly, including Pleiades 1A (2011) and Pleiades 1B (2012).

Recently, have been evaluating the Pleiades & SPOT 6 imagery. Initially, the Pleiades twin sensors give very impressive features:

[INDENT]1. Pleiades twins are quickly responses to customer needs (twice-daily revisit) against GeoEye-1;
2. larger coverage/strips, similar to 2.5-m SPOT 5;
3. Able to provide similar information for visualization and extraction (like GeoEye-1), which is much better than 1-m IKONOS (hard to retrieve information); and also easier image processing & interpretation (against SPOT-5) [/INDENT]

For more on Pleiades twins at http://www.astrium-geo.com/pleiades/ and on SPOT 6 at http://www.astrium-geo.com/en/147-spot-6-7

Most likely, it would be still a challenge to ortho-rectify Pleiades images (without combing GCPs) to meet the operational requirments of accuracy, if still only considering RPCs alone.


Larry @ Aramco