How to find Average Euclidean Distance between raster layers

Discussion created by amyppa on Mar 29, 2013
Hi All,

I'm trying to find the average euclidean distance between wetlands and surface water layers within a small watershed using Spatial Analyst.  I am following a procedure developed by someone else in which I know a bit about the process and what the end result should be, but do not know how to arrive there.  I am supposed to first convert the wetlands layer and surface water layer each into rasters of 10m x 10m cells.  I've figured out that part.  I also learned how to create a Euclidean distance layer that color-codes the watershed area based on distance to nearest wetland.  I am under the impression that I am ultimately looking to find the euclidean distance between each 10m cell of wetlands and each 10m cell of surface waters, and calculate the average of all those distance values (there should be many).

I'm pretty lost, but I feel like what I'm looking for is some sort of numerical data output that shows euclidean distance values between all these cells so that I can calculate the average of these values.

I'm relatively new to ArcGIS and have learned most of what I know about the program through reading forums and trial and error, so forgive me if am not using correct terminology.

Any advice is very much appreciated!