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New 10.1 install, IIS needed?

Question asked by mobotgarden on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by bubbahey25
Getting ready for a new install of 10.1.  I was planning on installing ArcGis Enterprise Server and IIS on the same server, and connecting to SQL2012 running on another server. The "What's New doc" says your no longer required to install IIS or the .Net Framework.

I'm asking what other forums members experience is with this new setup?  Past installs required IIS, seems a bit strange. We're only going to have one ArcGis server.

And if you don't need IIS, I'm guessing you don't need the "ArcGis Web Adapter" as well.  If you have ArcGis Server and needed to install IIS on the same server, would you still need to install the "ArcGis Web Adapter" also? 

I've browsed through the forum and I've seen a few thread about problems with the Web Adapter.  What's the skinny on this component?  Does it work or is it buggy? And 10.1 does it work or is it buggy too?