How to add "Supported operations" to my ArcGIS Feature/Map Services

Discussion created by joshuapowell on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2013 by rahul_m
We have been using the Javascript API for some time now and have made lots of progress. We are stuck on two things ... implementing the "Clip and Ship" functionality and the "Find" functionality. We want to accomplish what is displayed in those two AGOL samples. We have the code implemented and when using Esri's example services/layers everything works fine. However, when we load our layers in we noticed that they do not have the appropriate "Supported operations" and therefore do not seem to work with the code provided in the above stated examples.

So at this point it seems as if it's a matter of setting up our Layers appropriately within ArcGIS Desktop, then simply publishing them to AGOL ... but we don't know how to ... and cannot find documentation on doing this beyond what I've shared above.

For example this Map Service has both "Supported Operations" present (see the bottom of the page)

How do we add the "Export Map" and the "Find" supported operations to our Map/Feature Services? Are we missing the documentation somewhere? Do we have to have an ArcGIS Server instance for these? Can this be accomplished with only AGOL?


We noticed that in this post it said that "Find Task" is not a supported operation of AGOL feature services ... this is why we asked if this functionality was Server only.