CreateGPSDDraft with multiple results issue

Discussion created by Akhor on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by sbuscher
I'm trying to call CreateGPSDDraft function (new 10. SP1 ArcPy function) with multiple results parameter as described in this help topic:


toolOneResultFullPath = "C:/SCRIPTSTEST/ToolOneResult.rlt"
toolTwoResultFullPath = "C:/SCRIPTSTEST/ToolTwoResult.rlt"
arcpy.CreateGPSDDraft([toolOneResultFullPath , toolTwoResultFullPath ], "output.sddraft", "myservice")

But, I'm getting "Value Error: C:/SCRIPTSTEST/ToolOneResult.rlt" (Line 481 in "_base.py").

There's no errors if I'm calling  CreateGPSDDraft function with any single result.

Any advice from Esri team?