Extract by mask, problem with column and rows

Discussion created by jcjhazenbosch on Mar 28, 2013
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We are working on a landuse map from the Netherlands (LGN6) which we extract by mask bassed on several polygons. However the colomns and rows in the new (masked) maps, which are only a small part of the original LGN6 data, addapt the original size in colomns and rows. Even when zooming to layer it shows the area of the full (original) map and not just the masked area.

We used this method on other map data (soil and LGN5) which don't show this problem.
This is a big problem because we can not analyse our LGN6 data in FRAGSTATS.

Any idea on what to look at?

Jelle H.

(LGN6&soil map: Alterra, 2007/2007 & Alterra 2000)