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Discussion created by nfazer on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by nfazer
Ok, I have to vent a little here. The recent changes to how groups and public/organization accounts are handled is the most assinine thing I've seen on ArcGIS Online yet. I've just spent 30 minutes going back and forth between a public account and my organization account and I keep getting these nice little pop-ups: "A member of an organization cannot join a public group", and "A public account cannot join a group created by an organization".

Really ESRI? So now if I want to create a group with a public account for a small volunteer organization in town, and share a published layer from my subscription to that group, I can't do it? Or if a group of students from the local university are working on a project and I want to share layers and maps with them I can't? Or a local Township creates a group so I can share their data with them, its not possible? Why has this turned into groups and data and layers either has to be ALL public or ALL private.....??

How the heck am I supposed to share data and maps from my organizational account to different public groups and public accounts now? Yes I can share a published layer to the "public" and they can search for it. But it was nice to be able to share something with a public group so that when a user that is part of the group logged in, they could immediately see the maps and layers I shared with them specifically. Now they'll have to search for everything?

I hope ESRI receives a ton of negative comments about this. Ridiculous. GIS for Everyone...what a joke with changes like this.