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Question asked by fernandocabral on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by carlsunderman
Hi everybody! Would anyone who likes programming try to understand and solve this simple problem?

In an ArcGIS map I have a layer with an attribute table showing 2 polygon features and their areas (actually, HUNDREDS).

I also have a simple table, sumarized from a more detailed layer, with 3 lines and 3 columns (actually, THOUSANDS of lines and 3 columns).  Column 1 is the ID of the features in the first layer and Column 2 is their classes (let???s say, 2 classes for the first feature and 1 class for the second one, what explains the 3 mentioned lines).  Column 3 is a numeric value (subareas).

I need to add 2 fields to the attribute table of the first layer, corresponding to each of the 2 possible classes (actually, DOZENS).  And I need to use the field calculator to fill the fields with the different subareas (showing the 2 subareas of each feature; note that the second feature has only 1 subarea class, the other being zero).

If I could copy the second table into my EXCEL, I could calculate the subareas in a few minutes.  But I understand that ESRI doesn't allow us to do this. Well, as I'm in a hurry and I only know PTON and VB basics, I could copy the numbers to the EXCELL.  But, at a rate of 2 or 3 seconds per subarea, without stopping, this would take me HOURS of work!  So, I need to write PTON or VB instructions in the field calculator to fill the new fields. But reading "PTON for ArcGIS10" books to learn how to do it would take me, probably, DAYS of work!

Then, I remenber ESRI has this forum. Can some good soul write me the instructions to this simple PTON/ArcGIS problem? (I???d have no problem to generalize them to my complex map, with hundreds of features and thousands of subareas).  I???d be much grateful if anyone could help me!