Migrating to Enterprise Logins (Beta)

Discussion created by OEvans-esristaff Employee on Mar 27, 2013
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Below are some questions/observations/feedback on migrating to enterprise logins.  This applies to any customer that started using ArcGIS Online with AGO accounts and/or Esri Global IDs and wishes to migrate to using enterprise logins based on SAML (new in March 2013 release).

  1. Migrating content/groups

    • When someone who has previously used ArcGIS Online with an existing organizational user account logs in for the first time with their enterprise account they essentially start over using a brand new account.  This means there is nothing in their "My Content" area and they are not a member/owner of any groups; all their content/groups must now be migrated by an Admin from the person's previous AGO account to their new enterprise account.

    • �??With no migration process or official (or community sanctioned, maybe the AGOL Assistant is a candidate?) migration tool, this puts a heavy burden on the admin that increases as the number of users increases.  As the admin of an org account with ~130 members, I have to say I'm not looking forward to migrating everyone's groups and content (including all their My Content subfolder structure).

  • �??Managing user accounts

    • Any person logging in with their enterprise account is treated as a new user account, so the number of "users" in the subscription could potentially double after enabling this feature.  This is something the admin must manage by either 1) purchasing more users, and/or 2) methodically removing user accounts as people migrate to their enterprise logins.  As a result of this, I am also now considering a request to add more user accounts "just in case" we don't manage the migration to enterprise log-in properly so we don't exceed our current allotment of users.

    Ideally, it would be very useful for the system to migrate content/groups and clean up old AGO accounts during a person's initial login with their enterprise account.  After the first login with an enterprise account, the user would be prompted asking them if they already have an account in the organization, then they'd be prompted for those credentials.  The content would then be migrated, group ownership/membership would be transferred, and the old account removed.