Publishing a service that has a layer with an MS Access table

Discussion created by cub_fan_dan on Mar 27, 2013
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I have  mxds that have layers that I joined MS Access database files to.  Our staff would enter information into an Access DB that we can attach to a layer (example Water Valve information that can be joined to our water valve layer).

In the past (10.0), I have published these mxds as services & used those services to create maps that our users can use on the web (as well as some 3rd party gis viewers we use)

Worked perfect for us.

Now that we are in 10.1, the FILE>Share As>Service wont let me publish this mxd as a service because it does not support the publishing of MXDs with MS Access files.

How can I do this in 10.1?  Or am I resigned to the fate of converting these to dbfs.