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Model Builder- unable to - output file to feature dataset within file geodatabase

Question asked by alscatS on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by alscatS
I have tried to do this several ways. First in one model - then two.
I am working with raster data.

I have created a model that will create the geodatabase and four feature datasets. This part works great.
I then want to write output files to the different feature datasets. I am getting a 99999 error and cannot figure it out.
the log states that it is trying to write a raster file to the feature dataset- but the 9999 error is there.

I have tried as one model, creating the file geodatabase and feature datasets, setting the feature datasets as preconditions, then trying to reclassify a raster.

I have also tried the reclassify step in its own model, adding a variable feature dataset, set to one of the already created feature datasets.

Both give me the 99999 error.

anyone have any ideas?

The reclassify is just the first tool in the model, there are more.