Modelbuilder: two processing steps in one iteration

Discussion created by darkspider85 on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by dhoneycutt-esristaff
I have a point and a polygon shapefile and want to create a model verifying if the points are located in the corrected polygon. Therefore the points have an attribute giving the name of the correct polygon.

I thought about creating a model that iterates the feature selection and then:
Option A:
1. selects by location all points in the selected polygon and
2. removes the points which have different values in their polygon attribute than the selected polygon

Option B:
1. Query the points for the name of the selected polygon
2. select by location of the selected polygon

Now I just found out that it seems to be not possible to execute two processing steps in one iteration. Is that correct? Do you have any ideas to realize this procedure with the modelbuilder? I am not experienced with Python, so don't have this alternative.