Complex Attribute Transfer using Spatial Analysis in Python.

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Dear GIS professionals

I am in need of your professional assistance in completing a hectic job.

I've two feature classes named


Lanes represents the lanes of each road and main attribute are its unique id "LID" a number field and "Type" is text field with values "L","M","R" representing, Left, Right and Middle lane.

IRI feature class has over 1 million records for each lane Type. This layer does not have LID with to properly join the two layers (Thanks to Survery Dept.) only common field is Type. Which cannot be used to join the tables.

Now here is problem for me i want to add LID in "IRI" feature class for each point using spatial analasis in python. Code should do something like this....

Loop through Points from "IRI"
     ----->select a point check its Lane Type
     ----->Find same Lane Type in "Lanes" within a distance of 3 meters.........(3m because the both layers have a spatial shift)
     ----->Get LID of that Lane and Put in LID field of "IRI" table.
Next Point.

I need this on urgent basis so please run your brain horses....