Why can't I buffer polygons?

Discussion created by esparish on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by esparish
I'm using Arc10 to try to buffer some polyons (in a shapefile) that I have merged together from separate polygon shapefiles generated in an earlier version of the software.  The polys are in GCS (NAD 83), as are the points & lines that I have been working (which have all buffered easily).  No matter how I try to buffer the polygons, I get "unknown errors" and "geometry errors" that seem to relate to the XY environment & extent??  I've tried importing the shapefile into a geodatabase & setting the "advanced geodatabase" environment settings in the toolbox before running the buffer command, but I still get the same errors.  I've tried projecting the polys into Alber Equal Areas before running the buffer command, but with no more success. Any ideas?