Turn-by-turn from waypoints?

Discussion created by altvis on Mar 25, 2013
I'm looking for an app that would be a huge resource for motorcyclists everywhere.

Most turn-by-turn solutions will find you the fastest or most direct route to get from A to B, but on a motorcycle you sometime want the road less traveled.

Basically, I want to be able to track a ride on my iPhone. Export the waypoints. And then send that route to a friend so he can load it on his phone - and have turn-by-turn directions take him on the exact path.

Additional functionality could include tips and stops. "Watch out for gravel on State Road 20" "Bob's Grill is a great place to stop - a mile ahead."

This seems technically simple - but no one offers any such service. Is there a developer out there who would be able to create such a solution?

Thanks in advance...


Kevin Johnson