10.1 Geodatabase Describe does not work for Measures

Discussion created by kimo on Mar 23, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by kimo
I innocently upgraded my 9.3 filegeodatabase to "current" and now Describe does not report the measure values in the describe.Extent object in a python script. It does work from the Interactive Python window, and I can query the measures interactively, the describe.hasM returns True.

I upgraded to use the new Enable Editor Tracking, so I tried disabling that to see if it was the cause, but it did not change.

# 101 file geodatabase bug test
# measures not reported with describe in a script
# sample copied back into two new filegeodatabases

import arcpy

fc = "trailN"
print "Measures don't report from a 10.1 file geodatabase"
ws93 = "e:/project/beta/test93.gdb"
ws101 = "e:/project/beta/test101.gdb"
for ws in [ws93,ws101]:
    arcpy.env.workspace = ws
    desc = arcpy.Describe(fc)
    msgExt = "{0} {1} {2} MExtent: {3}".format(ws,fc,desc.hasM,desc.MExtent)
    print msgExt

## Measures don't report from a 10.1 file geodatabase
## e:/project/beta/test93.gdb trailN True MExtent: 0 1689.82640000001
## e:/project/beta/test101.gdb trailN True MExtent: 1.#QNAN 1.#QNAN

Any other known surprises before I upgrade anything else?