Problems Remotely Stopping ArcGIS Server (AGS) Services

Discussion created by mvolz47 on Mar 22, 2013
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To All AGS Administrators and Users:

I had a bat file that remotely stopped AGS geocode services before the associated Address Locators were rebuilt on a weekly basis.  I was using psexec to call AGSSOM.exe from a remote server.  This worked without any issues when I was using Windows Server 2003.

I have upgraded my server environment to Windows Server 2008 and now the geocode services do not always get remotely stopped so I cannot rebuild the Address Locators due to AGS locks on the Address Locator.

Has anyone experienced any issues similar to this?

Is there another method that can be employed (possibly through python) to remotely stop the geocode services in place of the psexec software and AGSSOM.exe?

Any help or hints are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.