ArcInfo Concurrent License Ghost User

Discussion created by bdebruyne on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by danielri
I have a mystery.  We run concurrent info,Editor and ArcView licenses for the Installation.  There are two primary Info license users and they are in my office.  Every now and then one of the Info users can't get in because it states that all licenses are in use.  finally I downloaded LMUTIL and found who it was.  Only problem was, it wasn't him. The user name and computer name were his, but he was not in Arc at all.  When I checked his desktop Administrator, it was set for ArcView license.  We can't change our license's on our own since we have no Admin privileges.  We use CAC cards and PIN numbers and his card was in his computer, so it can't be anyone logging in as him.  Anyone have any idea what could be causing this??