Queries related to Server 6080 port

Discussion created by ytfong on Mar 20, 2013
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Hi All,

Sorry, I am new to ArcGIS 10.1 Server and this Forum. If I am posting at the wrong place, please bear with me.

Got a few questions related to the Server, site address and cached tiles.

Will first explain how we set up the features in our enterprise:

We have three virtual machine, the first one is called web01, second one is called app01 and the last one is sql01
web01 is where the IIS web server, Client application and Web Adapter is located.
app01 contains the ArcGIS Server, configuration store for files, server caches and SQL
sql01 contains the MS SQL Server and Geodatabases.

In app01, we use the Web Tier in the Security Configuration Wizard during installation (because of business requirement).

The Web Adapter configuration is set to: http://machine:6080 -- aka the local host is of course web01
however, when I check the URL setting inside the green box at the bottom of the ArcGIS Web Adaptor page, instead of reading:
"You can now use the URL (http://localhost/arcgis/rest/services) for accessing services in the Services Directory."
It has replaced the URL as:
"You can now use the URL (http://web01/arcgis/rest/services) for accessing services in the Services Directory."

*So now my first question:
1. Is the settings not right for the URL in the Services Directory here?

I have tried using
http://app01:6080/arcgis/rest/services  I cannot access it -- Error: User does not have permissions to access this folder. Code: 403
However, if I try using
http://web01/arcgis/rest/services, I can access all those service directories.

*Second Question:
2. I presume the above setting is correct?
Though, I am a bit confused. If that is correct, it means we don't need 6080 to start off with, correct?
If so, how can we serve published maps in app01, in which port 6080 is required?

Now, want to publish the maps and point it to caching tiles we did.

Since all the cached tiles are stored on app01,  it will automatically pointed to app01. Though, since the service directories can only be accessed via web01 as I have mentioned above, even though, services has been created for tiled maps, it would not be able to access the caches in app01.

*Third Question:
3. So what I can do about this? Restructure the cached folders into web01? But it does not sounds right either. Because we do want to publish the services to view it on the flex map viewer.

Sorry, if my questions are not clear.
Any of your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you so much.