Datagrapht with 2-D line and 3-D bars?

Discussion created by alphamale on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by alphamale
I don't know if it's is in regular ArcMap. 

But I have my doubts it is possible in ArcObjects.
        Dim pdatagraph As IDataGraphT = New DataGraphTClass
        Dim seriesprops As ISeriesProperties = pdatagraph.AddSeries("bar:vertical")
        seriesprops.SourceData = pTable
        seriesprops.SetField(0, "YrMo")
        seriesprops.SetField(1, "Number")
        seriesprops = pdatagraph.AddSeries("line:vertical")
        seriesprops.SourceData = pTable
        seriesprops.SetField(1, "Prod") 
       pdatagraph.GeneralProperties.Show3D = True
       'This gets me 3D bars and a 3D line.



I'll try it again tomorrow.