How I can start to solve this Network.

Discussion created by ortegoraul on Mar 20, 2013
Hi all, first excuse my English
I´m newbie with Network analist
How I can begin to solve this emergency network?
I have a multimodal network (roads and airways helicopters) that works correctly with all parameters set.
I have the following layers:
*** 1. Health centers with ambulances (distributed along the roads)
*** 2. Hospitals with helipad (five)
*** 3. Helicopter Base (one point)
*** 4. Helipads (distributed along the roads)
I need to do:

** -If the accident is minor:

*** An ambulance from the nearest health center moves to the accident and then to the nearest hospital. (This is solved)

- If the accident is serious:

*** When a serious car accident road networks occurs, an ambulance from the nearest health center is moved to the scene and a  helicopter base moves to the nearest helipad. Then the ambulance moves to the helipad and the helicopter moves to the hospital with helipad.

This can be implemented? How I can start? with a VPR.
I'm a little lost.

Thanks in advance.