Colorize individual polygon's outline in a polygon layer.

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I have no clue where to even start on this.

Say you're given a layer that is a Simple Polygon File Geodatabase Feature Class which resides in a GDB.
The layer contains 500,000+ polygons, each of which represent a property parcel.

Your users have been using various bitmap markers to indicate some status on a parcel
The markers are placed in code via IGraphicsContainer.AddElement(IElement)

The problem your users have run into is that when they have a label AND a marker on the same parcel, they compete with each other for placement, and one hides the other depending on who wins the internal struggle inside ESRI's code base.  So the users are seeing either the label, or the marker, but not both.

So they would like a way to show the labels (within their scale range) AND a colorized parcel polygon outline simultaneously instead of having labels randomly blocked out by markers.

So instead of a given color and shape marker, they would like to use each parcel polygon's outline color as the indicator.

The problem is, a user can place a different color, size, shape marker on a parcel by parcel basis giving them a lot of flexibility to indicate meaning, but there is no clear easy way to color the lines of a parcel polygon on a parcel by parcel basis that I am aware of, and which is very high performing, allowing 5,000 or so parcels to be individually line colorized and drawn extremely fast when panning/zooming.  In other words, don't noticeably degrade the existing performance with the given solution.

What would you do in this situation?

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