Closest Facility Analysis No Facilities Found for Incidents

Discussion created by brent_howard on Mar 19, 2013
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I am trying to run a closest facility analysis but routes are only being calculated for 4 of my 54 incidences.  For the remaining 50 incidences I get... �??Warning: No "Facilities" found for "XXX" in "Incidents"�?�.  It looks like the routes are not making turns at any junctions.
I have found that a connectivity issue is usually the case, but I have created a network dataset from the New Jersey Roadway network and it looks like the network is connected and it comes up with junctions at every interest when the network dataset is created.  I have also snapped the facilities and incidences to the network.

The only attribute I have in my network dataset is �??length�?� as a cost because I am only concerned with the distance traveled when determining a route.

I have had the connectivity policy set to any vertex and end point, and neither has worked.
Any help would be appreciated.