having trouble with time animation function - or maybe with formatting a date field

Discussion created by eraymond747 on Mar 19, 2013
I've set up my data to do a time animation, but when I press play, the map goes blank as it looks through each year.

I think the problem is that ArcGIS executes a query, but their criteria are not formatted in the same way that my time field is set up.

The reason I think this is the problem is that: if I pause the animation, go into the datafile properties, I notice that ArcGIS has created a query as follows:

[Timeanimation.YrDate] >= #01-01-2006 00:00:00# and [Timeanimation.YrDate] < #01-01-2007 00:00:00#

This query is null, even though there are several hundred records that are marked 1/1/2006 in this date field.

There's no way in the animation wizard to alter the format of the time - the box for format is grayed out. So I'm trying to create format my date field in the way that will comply with ArcGIS's automagically generated queries and nothing works.

Simple problem that is completely derailing my effort to make cool animated maps.

Anyone experienced have advice for me? Thank you!

About my setup:

I'm using ArcGIS 9.3.
My data is in a personal geodatabase.
The layer I'm trying to animate is a shapefile linked to a .dbf using a one-to-many make query.
The .dbf has each zipcode * each year in rows, along with the relevant data.

The time field displays in this format: 1/1/2006. It appears to be stored like this: 01-01-2006 00:00:00 (So if I generate unique values in a select-by-attributes wizard, that is the format the dates appear in)