Projected Coordinate Systems

Discussion created by smneylon on Mar 19, 2013
I am trying to use Spatial Autocorrelation (Global Moran's I) on some data to help me find a distance for hot spot analysis. My z-values are very large and my p-values are always 0. I think this is a problem with my data not being projected.

This is the information from the data source of my shapefile

Data Type: Shapefile Feature Class
Shapefile: C:\Users\Martin\Documents\featureclass.shp
Geometry Type: Polygon
Coordinates have Z values: No
Coordinates have measures: No

Projected Coordinate System: British_National_Grid
Projection: Transverse_Mercator
False_Easting: 400000.00000000
False_Northing: -100000.00000000
Central_Meridian: -2.00000000
Scale_Factor: 0.99960127
Latitude_Of_Origin: 49.00000000
Linear Unit:  Meter

Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_OSGB_1936
Datum:  D_OSGB_1936
Prime Meridian:  Greenwich
Angular Unit:  Degree

Can anyone help me at all?