ArcGIS 10 : Create road graph

Discussion created by envolleyvous on Mar 19, 2013
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Sorry for my english,

I try to create a road graph "test" from the layer "Route" of the BD Topo IGN.
To generate a graph with Network Analyst, it is asked to create and to inform certain number of fields, bans to calibrate the graph (oneway, FT Minutes, TF Minutes).

Still having never to create of graph, I would like knowing how to determine the values by section for fields FT Minutes and TF Minutes. It's well these fields which allow to affect a time of route by section following the speed?
If I understood well, FT and TF is the extremities of my sections.

I found an example of calculation: Minutes_ft = (longueur_tronçon / 2/1000 / [speed] 60), this calculation is it correct?

Thank you for your answers.