service type for feature labels and attribute table???

Discussion created by drulison on Mar 18, 2013
What service should i use if I need access and display of attribute table data AND labels to display?  I have tried both a map service and a feature service and it seems I cannot get either service to perform both functions.  Or is there a setting or property I should be setting that I am unaware of?

My featuer labels only seem to display when I use a map service and I load into Silverlight viewer as a "grouped" service, similar to grouping features in ArcMap.  But using this method doesn't allow me to select an individual service to access the table function.  I ca nselect the "grouped" layer but this doesn't have any data, it is nothing more than a grouped heirarchy structure. 

The attribute table is accessible only when features are loaded as individual features (map service & feature service) but I get no labels.