Bing Maps in ESRI for Office

Discussion created by nfazer on Mar 18, 2013
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I posted this in the office thread but nobody responded. So I'll try here.

I haven't used the office add-in much the last month or so. Last week, upon creating new map slides for  a presentation, I notice that all of our maps that were  created with the Bing Maps aerial background now only show the gray canvas and  no imagery.

When I open all these web maps in my browser in the map viewer, the bing  maps imagery shows up fine. But when I add the web map as a dynamic map  in powerpoint, the imagery disappears.

I thought as part of the Bing Maps transition, all maps with Bing basemaps were supposed to be left alone?

So even though a web map with Bing imagery opens fine on the web, it won't open as part of the ESRI for Office dynamic map.
Why would this be?