Symbolizing CanVec - Style Name

Discussion created by deleted-user-VeC5jUIlNXtq on Mar 18, 2013
Hey everyone,

This isn't a question (though an hour ago, it almost was), merely an observation I'd like to put up for discussion.

Long story short: recently upgraded from 10.0 to 10.1 and decided to upgrade all Add-Ins from VS2008 express to VS2010, and re-build them to keep things up to date (as well as change some images/icons/clean up code and ensure I can develop for 10.1).

Our converted code to symbolize CanVec data (originally VBA), worked great with 10.0, no issues.

I moved it into 10.1 (VS2010 express), ran the code and nothing! Symbology was all blank. Nothing changed...I was coming up with no reason it shouldn't be working. I made sure I added the style which the code references.

Turns out the issue was this: when you open the symbol selector on a layer, the style name in 10 is "" or simply "Blah" where as in 10.1 it is showing up as "fullpath\"

I went into the code and put in the full path (replaced " with "<insert full sever path here>\", and the code churned out all my CanVec data symbolized perfectly.

I guess the style isn't technically imported into the document, so much as it is being pointed to by ArcGIS, where-as in 10.0, this wasn't necessarily the case?

Anyways, thanks for reading, I hope this wasn't just a waste of text and somebody finds it at the very least interesting, if not useful.