Query for Entity ID and TIFF Image file relationship

Discussion created by dpurohit on Mar 18, 2013
I am working on some geoprocessing task using ArcGIS.I am processing the TIFF files and after geoprocessing I want to store the results in RDBMS databases.
I am able to do almost all the steps but One thing is missing where I want to store Entity ID with the respective Image file name in one of the database field (e.g. AAUS201236100919 = n19_us12_213226_ndvi.tif) so that I can get to know which Entity Id is for which Image. Along with this I also want some more fields from matadata like (ACC_Date etc.).  I am referring  to export matadata feature for this information but I could not found which can establish a relationship between Entity ID and TIFF Image filename.

Please suggest me how can I resolved above mentioned problem?