Locating Multiple point features (Lan/Lat).

Discussion created by ganeshnarim on Mar 17, 2013
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Hello Experts,

I'm very new to this forum and ArcGIS,i have given a task is to find all locations using Lan/Lat all are in xls sheet. what i did is i added that file into arc map and i exported and added as a layer file, the problem is i couldn't search the layer using search tool and one error came when i do this process i.e " there is no OBJ-ID...couldn't search..etc" so i'm stuck here. please help some one to do this process.
and i need one more idea how can i simply find from xls with link to arc-map (as we are using hyper links in our xls).

or any better way to do this because i have hundreds of locator points to locate and need to check manually in arcmap.

Thanks In Advance
Ganesh N