Needed help on using own map service

Discussion created by ramsai1973 on Jun 11, 2010
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I'm new to develope ArcGIS webmapping application using ArcGIS JAvascript APIs. I tried using the sample available at the resource site using Javascript API.

It worked sucessfully using the mapservice from ArcGisOnline as refered in the sample. Later I tried to use my own mapservice by creating a mapservice using the 'Publish Map service' option from the ArcGIS Manager.

I tried to replace the URL of the the newly published Mapservice with the existing one in the sample code as given below:

myTiledMapServiceLayer = new esri.layers.ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer

           ("http://srvnamexyz/ArcGIS1/rest/services/BaseMapping/MapServer");/// Note: 'BaseMapping' is the name of the map service which is newly added


            myMap.addLayer(myTiledMapServiceLayer); ///layer is added to a map

Then I tried to run the same application with this modification, but it resulted in displaying a blank map window.

Please kindly help me on how to use my own mapservice while developing web application using ArcGIS Javascript APIs, your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.