Inserting tabular data with Lat Long into  a map

Discussion created by chris987 on Mar 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2013 by david17tym
I have an excel document of a bunch of known detections of a certain frog species in a bunch of wetlands.  Each detection has a lat long coordinate (NAD 83) that we got using GPS devices. Involvign the Garmin mapsource software won't work since some of the units are old and don't have cables-- so we are stuck with a table of lat long data. I simply want to make a map showing where all of the frogs were found.  I am OK with putting all of the layers on the map-- its just the insertion of the lat long data that I am not clear on

Could anybody suggest search terms that I can use on this website or refer me to a VERY THOROUGH wrtie up on how to do this? Thank you so much!