Would Python be the way to input this data?

Discussion created by johnstm0 on Mar 14, 2013
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I was given a considerably large Excel table and was asked to input it into ArcMap but am having a lot of trouble finding a reasonable way to do so. The data lists tens of thousands of points all recorded by way of angle and distance from a fixed central point. The only way I have been able to input it is by opening the direction-distance tool in ArcMap, manually typing in the angle and distance to place the point, and then repeating for each one.

After placing the first thousand points like this I realized this is just not practical for the amount of data. It was suggested to look into a way of automating the process with a Python script but my search is coming up empty as far as whether this is the correct way or how to go about such a thing. Any suggestions or guidance regarding this would be greatly appreciated.