Problem accessing URL based text file for large set of geometries

Discussion created by rcarberry on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by rcarberry
I am trying to use the Label Points operation to calculate a center point for passed in geometries.  All worked well until I tested more complex geometries.  The API help mentioned a solution by writing out to a text file on the server that stored the the JSON geometry string.  Instead of passing in the JSON string directly when calling the operation, you could reference this text file instead.  I had no problem writing the text file, however when I try to run the operation, I get this error:   Unable to get content from URL: http://<serverpath>/<filename>.  I tried browsing to the text file and was able to read it no problem.  I there anything special I need to do to this text file so that it can be used by the operation?  The syntax I used to reference the text file is from the help: polygons={ "url" : "<URL to file>" }.  I' running ArcGIS Server  Any ideas?