How to 'serve' features...

Discussion created by Augy on Mar 14, 2013
I'm still learning so this might be simple...seems like it should be.  I have a SQL Enterprise Geodatabase (sde) that has 2 feature classes that I want to share.  I have added those features to a map (mxd) along with several other features.  I then "publish" this to a PMF file on the lan.  Now, I'd like users to open the PMF file and see all the features but the 2 features from the sde database have red exclamation marks next to them and are grayed out.  I assume this means those users don't have 'read' rights to that database.

So, I was thinking I could somehow push the features from the sde database to the server as a service and then add them to an mxd from the service...and then they would be available to the users as they have 'read' rights to that server.  Make sense???

I guess what I'm asking is this:  Using ArcGIS for Server and the Publisher do I create a PMF (published map file) with features from an Enterprise Geodatabase that users who only have read access to the server can see the features?