Feeder Schematic - Barrier on a Subtype?

Discussion created by BCP_GIS on Mar 13, 2013
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I'll try to explain the scenario: I am attempting to create a Schematic diagram for each "Feeder"

Our data is in an Electrical Geometric Network (10.1 SQL)

The source that has been identified in the Network is within the DynamicProtectiveDevice Feature Class. It is a subtype named "Circuit Breaker" (there are other subtypes such as Reclosure & Sectionalizer)

A typical trace Downstream begins with flag at Circuit Breaker, and includes all of the entities in the Geometric Network.

A 27kv line can feed an 8kv station. A trace downstream includes everything out of the 8kv station (and this is reality, if the upstream 27kv station is shut down, the downstream stations will also be out).

However, I would like to create a schematic for the 27kv station alone, without the 8kv info that continues through the substation.

I have tried by placing an "Add Edge Flag Tool" just downstream from the Circuit Breaker, and "disabling" the DynamicProtectiveDevice feature class from the analysis. This creates a great result, unless there is a reclosure on the line, and the trace is stopped "prematurely" before it reaches the sation. I haven't been able to find if the disabling of a layer can be isolated to a subtype.

I've tried to navigate within the Schematics properties and settings and have become completely lost as to whether or not this type of result can be achieved.

It's a bit complicated to explain, but has anyone else encountered this or have any suggestions?