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Points vs Pixels in AGSPictureMarkerSymbol Offset property

Question asked by aconnolly on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by aconnolly
Let's say you have an AGSPictureMarkerSymbol with an image of size 10 x 10 pixels. On a retina device we have an image of size 20 x 20 pixels.

When the AGSPictureMarkerSymbol is created and an offset is assigned for the non-retina sized image, will the offset be calculated as 1 point = 2 pixels on retina devices? The docs don't say this explicitly in the offset property's comments. The size property's comment do say this, however. I'm assuming they're treated the same way, but I can't be certain.

Can anyone confirm for me that the offset property treats it's x,y as points (1 point = 2 pixels on retina) the same way the size property treats its points?

- Aaron