Problems with the rest servicse generated page & jsapi 3.3

Discussion created by kgebiconsulting on Mar 12, 2013
Today I configured the REST Services to use JS API version 3.3 by changing the following settings in the file from this


to this


Now when I'm navigating the REST services via IE and I click on a link to view a map server service with the JS API, the resulting page has some problems.  The main problem is that the zoom in/out icons do not appear.  Instead, the + and - characters appear but they do not function.  Less important (but possibly clues about the cause of the problem) are that the credit text that normally appears at the bottom right of the map instead shows at the top left without any style, and the powered by ESRI logo does not display at all.

Using the IE developer tools, I see no errors in the console, and all networks requests are successful.  I also have tried with Chrome and get the same result.

I compared the generated pages from before and after the configuration change, and the only difference is the version number in the api script references and the api css reference.  Is there something else that I need to change/configure to make the REST service generate a fully functioning page?  The reason I care about this is that I am having a similar problem as I try to switch my own code from 3.1 to 3.3 and I was trying to use the REST services generated page to get a simple example that works.