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How to avoid field map change when altering file locations in a model?

Question asked by DavidHaberkorn on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by DavidHaberkorn
I have a backed up file GDB which I have to use because the current one had some broken models in it. I got this backup delivered on my local D:\ drive and have to copy models from this GDB to a current one, which sits on a network location.

Now the problem is that all the links to data in the models have been reset to this local drive, whereas they should point the network location. When I now edit the model and set back the paths to the correct locations (e.g. in the 'feature class to feature class' tool), all my fieldmaps that were adjusted in the backed up models will change (originally deleted fields appear again, adjusted field names get lost). This is a problem because not only do I have a couple of models where this has to be changed, also the feature classes within them have a lot of fields. This means a lot of tedious work that I want to avoid by all means, especially as the correct field mapping is available in my backed up models.

I???m using ArcGIS 9.3, the ???Store relative path names??? option is checked in all the models. May that have caused the problem? It does however not make a difference if I change to ???absolute path names??? now, as the field map gets lost as soon as I change the location of my data in the model. This question may be a basic one, but I could not find a solution so far, neither in the ArcGIS help nor on the web. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction?