publishing rastercache in new wms

Discussion created by ganders on Mar 11, 2013
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i wan't to publish a wms based on a mxd containing dozens of layers. as the map only makes any sense, when all layers are shown in the correct order, i need to make shure, that the requested wms-image actually contains all available layers. by simply publishing the mxd as wms, the user would be able to choose which layers he wants in his image...

by using arcgis server 10.0 you could easily add en existing arcgis tiled service to a mxd and publish that mxd as wms. esri refers to this as a "cascading" service. in arcgis 10.1, you're no longer allowed to publish a mxd containing layers based on arcgis services.

it seems to be possible to publish the rastercache of an existing mapservice. but establishing a connection the the resulting wms allways ends up in an error...

so, what am i supposed to do??

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