Shell function in Access to execute Python having Quote problems

Discussion created by bobm007 on Mar 11, 2013
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Member 'curtvprice' suggested putting triple double quotes around the second line below in order the SQL in a Python ARCGIS to work. It works great thanks Curt, but I need to acheive the same result using a string variable. I've tried a lot of variations to the third line below but keep getting a SQL invalid type error. The reason I need a variable is I'll be using a Dataset in Access that will have one or more PARCELS so each Parcel will need to included by adding an 'OR' and a new Parcel variable.
Any ideas? 

    strOwner = """Lett"""
    strParcelsVar = "PARCEL_SPI = '1/TP8994'"
    strParcels = """ & strParcelsVar & """

retVal = Shell("cmd.exe /K S:\MID_Owners_Database_Workspace\ " & strOwner & " " & strParcels, 1)